The Kenny Report

Irish Labour have a scanned version of the Kenny Report online, but in a somewhat difficult to read format. I downloaded their version and subjected it to some OCR processes in Abbyy Reader. The document is not 100% OCRd, but is now largely so (I have not spell checked every word or checked for other errors). I also split most pages so that it is easier to read, and it is now available to search on, or download from there if you wish. This OCR should be considered Beta, I will come back to it and do a better job soon.

I’ve also uploaded a Microsoft Word version of the OCR (you can see the errors and mistakes). If anyone wants to help make a new correct and fully digital version of the Kenny Report, please let me know.

I’ve also uploaded a raw version to Google Docs. If you want to help, seek to become a collaborator.

3 thoughts on “The Kenny Report”

  1. PartyPolities is the problem and the mahon report said this, if the kenny report was acted on since 74 we would not be where we are today, Three billion in reports, enquires,tribunals,into polities, chutch, state, gards and on and on, one hundred million a year since 19/80, remember this is the amound pluss intrest our children and there children will have to pay in the future under the bale out not did out. Sad.

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