Today, Dec 22; over the last ten years

My little way to mark the end of the first decade of the millennium, through an Irish prism; selected news stories from the December 22nds of the last ten years. All from the Irish Times archives.

1999 McCreevy plans action on PAC report into DIRT

2000 Court fixes Lawlor case for this month

2001 Minister refuses to comment on IMMA argument (about political interference in appointment process)

2002 Ex-O’Brien accountant says letters were forged

2003 Ray Burke paid €41,492 pension as ex-minister (despite claiming free legal aid)

2004 Revenue takes €97m from tax-evaders in three months

2005 O’Brien fails to stop Bacon testifying

2006 Ahern says he was treated unfairly

2007 Tribunal raises new £5,000 sum raised by Taoiseach

2008 Bank manager supports Gilmartin’s allegations

2009 Labour seeks answer to RTÉ report (on Charlie McCreevy’s – amongst others – relationship with Michael Fingleton)

Anyone seeing a pattern?

Note: I think one is from a December 21st or 20th because the 22nd was a Saturday or something. They were collated over the course of the day whilst working on another piece.