Willie O'Dea speaks to Limerick Leader about Sinn Fein Councillor

Willy O’Dea interviewed by Mike Dwane of the Limerick Leader/Chronicle makes a number of comments about Maurice Quinlivan of Sinn Féin, which he subsequently withdrew. O’Dea then swore an affidavit to court saying he made no such comments. He categorically and emphatically denied saying such things, then the audio below emerged and he changed his story.

3 thoughts on “Willie O'Dea speaks to Limerick Leader about Sinn Fein Councillor”

  1. @Gavin Sheridan
    Ireland’s current government are an aristocracy. Laws and standards are for the little people. Suppose during an election campaign a national newpaper journalist had slandered a government minister – of either party – in an interview to a local paper. Suppose the local paper had published a story on it. Suppose the minister had sought an injunction. Suppose the journalist had then sworn a mistaken affidavit a month later denying they had said the sort of comments it would be almost unbelievable to forget saying. Suppose the minister’s injunction was refused. The election then took place. Then suppose that some months after the election the journalist had been forced to concede that they had made the comments and had to apologise unreservedly, concede their sworn affidavit was incorrect and pay damages. Would the journalist have kept their job? No way. Our current government impose much higher standards on the media than they obey themselves, just like an aristocracy.

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