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Environment FOI requests log 2007 to 2010

The Department of the Environment is one of the few bodies to actively publish FOI logs. Unfortunately they publish each spreadsheet separately for each month, which makes it difficult to get a full easy look. As a result I’ve started combining the logs into one spreadsheet. Logs for 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007 are below:

Digest – May 30 2010

Another day another digest… HOME Sunday Independent news feature on a teenage girl from Romania who Gardai believe was lured to her death by a ‘southside sex predator‘… Marioara had been in Dublin for just three weeks when she disappeared. She was begging with her little brother on Lombard Street in the south city on a… Read More »

Lottery grants 2008

I’ve started a process of trying to pull together Lottery grant information. It’s not easy. The distribution of grants is complex at best, but through a process of taking existing published data, and FOI requests, I will try and centralise in spreadsheets all grants made. To start with here is the distribution of €193,981,422.00 of… Read More »

Whelan on Transparency

Noel Whelan makes some good points about the benefits of transparency to the exchequer in his Irish Times column today. […] the scale of the saving made by the Embassy in 2009 illustrates how powerful publication or the fear of publication can be in transforming the decision-making process as to how public money is spent.… Read More »

Four One Nine

Forgive the scraggy style, I’ve something on my chest. Typing off the top of the head. Amnesty International Ireland have criticised the human rights record of the Irish State for for failing to protect children. Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has also weighed in against the HSE for refusing to supply files on children who died in care. A report… Read More »

Taoiseach briefing papers 1998

As part of our look at Cabinet papers now available under Section 19 (3) (b) of the FOI Act, I sought some briefing papers for the Taoiseach for Cabinet meetings in April and May 1998. Some of the redactions refer directly to the Constitutional protection of Cabinet “discussion”. I will publish the schedule of redactions… Read More »

DDDA report

“Published” this afternoon, but still not up on the Department of Environment website. It doesn’t look much different to the leaked version of the report we published back in March. I asked the Department to email me a copy. 13 attachments, some in Word format, some in PDF. So I stuck them altogether into one… Read More »