Der Spiegel explains…

There’s some very nice explanatory journalism in Der Spiegel today. Warning; long, long, long article is very long, but enjoyable and definitely worth reading.

Der SpiegelThe Mother of All Bubbles

Written for the layman with a global outlook, it explains how we… ehem… how we are where we are… and where we’re going. Pretty even handed – quotes from conservatives (e.g Niall Ferguson) and liberals (e.g Krugman) – in fairly equal measure.

Covers pretty much the whole globe, Ireland gets a mention or two. If I was to recommend reading one article today, this would be it.

One thought on “Der Spiegel explains…”

  1. That article sounds interesting, hope to read it later. Got a really good laugh from one of the picture at the ‘more from Spiegel International’ at the bottom of the page – A poster outside Wall Street with the legend ‘Jump, you fuckers’

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