Anglo Irish JCF LLP

Last week I blogged about Anglo Irish JCF 1 LLP, a company with an illustrious list of board members. However, following some searches I found something else that looked strange.

According to the Register of Members’ Interests 2006, Senator Feargal Quinn invested in a similarly named company. It was Anglo Irish JCF LLP (without the 1). It is a curious coincidence. So I contacted Mr Quinn about the declared investment asking him the nature of the investment.

Mr Quinn stated:

I’m glad you asked as I didn’t actually invest in it, it was a mistake on my declaration.

I sought further clarification on the nature of the investment and whether Mr Quinn had corrected the record.

I regret that I cannot clarify further for you as I don’t personally deal with my investments and I don’t know the background. In relation to changing the record, your request has drawn my attention to my error and I will now correct it.


2 thoughts on “Anglo Irish JCF LLP”

  1. ” I don’t personally deal with my investments”

    Does this translate as big boys made me do it and then they ran away?

    Thought 2 no wonder he became a billionaire

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