The existential crisis for the Euro

I’m sick of posting links, but anyway, too busy with other things, more from Der Speigel.

The Last Opportunity for a Strong Currency – Henrik Muller

Level-headed analysis, this time, rather than explanatory journalism. On the single European currency;

The euro is a paradox: a political project that has long lacked political support. Is it really a surprise to anyone that the feeling of togetherness and solidarity amongst Europeans has remained weak? Without a binding emotional basis, it is hardly conceivable that the euro will hold together in the long run.

Good piece, I like how it goes through the history of the how the currency came to exist. My own preference would be for a considered demolition (I refuse to say “orderly wind down”) over ceding more budgetary power to Brussels.

Thing is; the same opinion is likely held by most Europeans and that’s a major part of why we’re in this mess now (I also refuse to say “why we are where we are”).