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HSE national FOI logs 2007 to May 2010

As part of an ongoing process of seeking what people ask for under FOI, here are the FOI requests logs for HSE (National) from January 1, 2007 to May 31, 2010, inclusive. Each year is in a different sheet, which you can change at the bottom. Google Spreadsheet

OECD/Transparency International report – Ireland

The OECD/Transparency International Progress Report into international bribery passed the world by there yesterday. Pity, it’s broadly positive. On the Irish angle though, not so much. What’s new though, hey? On the international comparisons Ireland is ranked in the lowest category for its efforts to deter the payment of bribes in the export/import markets. We’re… Read More »

Anglo Irish Asset Finance PLC

I’ve been leafing through the company accounts of several interesting Anglo subsidiaries. The numbers would make you ill. Anglo Irish Asset Finance PLC stands out (AIAF for short). The company directors have changed somewhat, but for most of the relevant period the directors were: Brian Linehan (Not the Minister for Finance) Gordon Parker (FG Parker)… Read More »

Is NAMA a public authority?

It seems as though myself and Emily O’Reilly’s office are not seeing eye to eye on this question. Not to say that her staff are anything other than friendly and helpful, they certainly are. We simply appear to be disagreeing on how to read SI133/2007 – the Environmental Information Regulations. As readers of this blog… Read More »

Digest – July 25 2010

I’m still trying to catch up with this Wikileaks thing. No time to write anything smart or amusing here. HOME Only caught this now, via Anthony; ‘Developers bribed planners with discounts on apartments‘. Jim Stewert on Progressive Economy; ‘The privatisation board, what will it do?‘ Gerard O’Neill; gainfully employed. I never thought I would say it,… Read More »

As the days roll by…

Press release from the Green Party today to capitalise on the Creighton-O’Flynn-Anglo Ten donations-Fine Gael issue. Opening line; The Green Party Leader and Environment Minister John Gormley has said that he intends to change the way politics is funded… A quick look back into The Irish Times archive for their coverage of the announcement of John Gormley’s… Read More »

Anglo’s meetings with Finance

Readers might recall that back in November, I published an FOI released to Deputy Joan Burton. She appealed a decision by the Department of Finance to refuse the release of certain documents to the Information Commissioner, and the Commissioner appears to have settled the matter with the Department – resulting in the release of more… Read More »

Revisiting Rody Molloy's golden handshake

For several weeks starting in late September Rody Molloy’s pension led news reports. I wish to return to it as I’ve some new questions to raise following weeks of fairly frustrating research. This is a lengthy post. The next series of paragraphs are all context to the whole Rody Molloy pension issue. You may find… Read More »

Times leader on ethics and donations

The Irish Times leader is on ethics and standards in public life today. Good piece. Ending paragraph; It is not just Fianna Fáil that has behaved badly over ethical legislation and transparency. Because political donations below a certain limit do not have to be disclosed to the standards commission, many donations were set below the… Read More »