Deliberately making news of news?

There are days when you just want to give up.

Madam, – Are Irish politicians and the Irish media living in cloud-cuckoo-land that they would damage our image further for the sake of headlines or political point-scoring?

Brian Cowen was, of course, wrong to agree to an interview he was not ready for. It was an error of judgment, but to deliberately turn it into a world news event while the eyes of the world are focused on us and the state of our economy is a far greater error of judgment. – Yours, etc,


Castleknock, Dublin 15.

“Shhhh… If we all stay quiet about that interview heard by 600,000 people we’ll be grand. Someone turn off the interwebs there, don’t let word get off-shore. Pretend to be asleep, all of ye! And keep those journalists off the airwaves, for jaysis’sake!”

Of course, it’s Simon Coveneny and the hacks’ fault that France 24 is broadcasting stuff like the report below (WARNING: contains moments of waffling estate agent and Alan Dukes) to an international viewership.

Or was that recorded pre-Morning Ireland? Indeed it was…

One thought on “Deliberately making news of news?”

  1. Perhaps we should put a penal tax on freedom of speech and ban all foreign journalists—–letting the world know what is happening here just cannot be allowed.

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