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HSE expense claims 2007 to 2010

In what we believe to be the largest single release of information since the inception of the Freedom of Information Act 12 years ago, the Health Service Executive (HSE) has released details of expense claims for everyone in the organisation over the past three and a half years. The datasets contain 316,307 rows, totaling €260,450,676.60… Read More »

Byrne on TI Corruption Perception Index

Elaine Byrne has a good post over on about the recent Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. Ireland ranked 14th [least corrupt] worldwide. Elaine Byrne raises some questions about how perception and reality may differ due to the methodology employed. Corruption is inherently an extremely difficult thing to measure. What is corruption? What do the… Read More »

Conspiracy theorists, unite!

Myself and Gav have a policy of not revealing much detail about the servers from which we get visits to this website. The info we receive isn’t really useful – or usually interesting – anyway. The logs will only identify very broadly the company or location of someone viewing the site. Stuff like “Department of… Read More »

Moriarty Tribunal transcripts

[Moriarty Tribunal transcripts] We are pleased to see – after months have passed, after an FOI submitted some time ago sought the transcripts, after being told that the transcripts themselves were not owned by the State but by a third party, and after being told that it would cost €16,600 for us to buy the… Read More »

Green Party, donations, anti-corruption policy…

Here’s a Green Party press release that just arrived in the inbox. It’s headlined “Days of the corrupt politician are numbered – Ban on corporate donations will help clean up politics for good”… Green Party TD for Dublin North and Justice spokesman Trevor Sargent has welcomed the latest progress in relation to investigations into the allegations… Read More »

Quotes of Brian Lenihan

Periodically updated as per submissions. Add to the post by submitting it via the comment box below or emailing them to mark[@]thestory[.]ie (remove the brackets). Please provide a link to cite your source. Updated in November 2010 here, which is the post cited by Vincent Browne in his Irish Times column. Quotes from Brian Lenihan since… Read More »

Kennedy arrested by Criminal Assets Bureau

I admit to being pleasantly surprised on seeing this headline in the Irish Independent, especially since there isn’t much to be gained publicity-wise from it (as opposed to the political benefits of a Seanie Fitz arrest). Multi-millionaire businessman and property developer Jim Kennedy was in garda custody last night after officers arrested him for questioning… Read More » database on national representatives

Malachy Browne of has developed a useful and welcome database of national representatives. It contains details/profiles for all TDs, senators and MEPs and takes updates from, Google News, the Magill and Village archive, and the individuals’ Facebook and Twitter pages. Excellent stuff. Only thing I’d question is naming the salary and expenses section… Read More »

Digest – October 18 2010

Alri’ boyez and gurrels… The new Monday Digest as promised. HOE’UM Gerard O’Neill on the economic impact of declining marraige rates. John Naughton; Twitterphobia and the mainstream media. Read this by the inspiring Mark Pollock; undressed and smiling again. Top journalist spun by continuous repeatition of government claim. Karl Whelan gets the nuance. Mark Davenport of… Read More »