Digest – October 11 2010

Think this has now become a Monday evening rather than Sunday night thing.


Guardian video package on RUC torture of Northern Irish citizens

Alexia Golez reviews The Social Network

Your senators’ information displayed.

Come Here To Me! talks about Dublin early on a Sunday morning. Last time I got up early of a Sunday I walked past three different sets of people snorting coke in shop doorways. Classy.

Turbelence Ahead on middle class anarchists. Zerohedge says they’re coming.

Mark Pollack: emerging from Hell

I woke at 4 a.m. Silence has replaced the menagerie of beeps and alarms and groans of my open-plan home for the last couple of months. I am spending my first night in the rehab ward and the initial difference from the acute ward is the sound. For the moment I am in a single room, away from the din of the 6 bed bay of before. In a matter of days, alongside my physical relocation, my mind has moved to a significantly more positive place.

I wrote the above paragraph only hours after I posted my last blog, which detailed how my fight was waning. But, after my short reprieve from infections (enough of a reprieve for me to insist I be moved from the acute ward), on day 1 in rehab I was exhausted… another infection was brewing.

Promo for The Boat Factory play set in Belfast. Via Alan’s blog.


Roy Greenslade on the emerging opinion that the divide between journalist and advertising sales executive is – or should be – closing.

Krishna Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 defends bloggers from under-informed journalist.

Arab-American student finds FBI tracking device on his car, tells the interwebz.

The New Yorker on an emerging media mogul who has built his growing empire on being anti-media mogul.

Vidjoe: South Korea’s coffin academy…

Dying To Live from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.


New Left Media’s Chase Whiteside lets Tea Party attendees answer questions. There are hilarious (and often offensive, unfortunately) results.