Tazbell, contracts and Quinlan

Bottom of the main business page from Friday’s Irish Times

[Tazbell Holdings/Group] has won a tender from the Department of Justice to manage “the collection of overdue court-imposed fines”.

The contract, won by Dublin-based Tazbell, involves managing the collection of unpaid court fines through “proactive contact attempts” with the debtor. This will include “traditional credit management methods”, such as letters, phone calls and e-mails.

As the article also states, Tazbell is owned by Derek Quinlan, the well-known financier who’s currently selling his property on the exclusive Shrewsbury Road. He’s one of the top ten property investors heading into Nama via one of his other companies, Avestus.

The parent company over all his enterprises is registered on the Isle of Man. In August last year Quinlan took up permanent residence in Switzerland for “tax and personal reasons“.

Quinlan is also a director in Park Rite, which runs many of the car parks around the nation’s cities (Dublin alone: Arnotts, City Quay, Tallaght Hospital, St James’s Hospital, Fleet Street in Templebar, Mount Carmel Hospital, Parnell Street and a few more). On top of that Park Rite is the parent company of Dublin Street Parking Services. DSPS is an unlimited company not required to file accounts with the CRO. However, the Dublin City Council budget for 2009 shows that DSPS was paid almost €10m that year for “clamps, removals or car relocations” by the Council. It’s a clamping company contracted by the Council.

Quinlan – via Tazbell – also now has the contract for court fine debt collection. Oh, and he collects the toll on the M4-M6 motorway too via another company (a public-private partnership construction), in case you’re passing through.

So you can either pay to park with Tazbell or get clamped. Or you park in the pay-and-display… though you should be aware that if you overstay and catch a fine it’ll be Tazbell that’ll force you to cough up. Or park in one of the smaller car parks if you can find one… and good luck doing that as you rush into Tallaght Hospital, St James’s, Mount Carmel or University College Hospital Galway.

All the while he pays tax in Switzerland, bases his parent company in the Isle of Man as the taxpayer – the same one he’s clamping, charging and chasing for fines – takes on his loans through Nama.

Larrrrrvley innit?

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  1. Welcome to another example of the absurd way things are done in Ireland – where those owning millions get further state contracts and the small guy also gets hammered at the same time by the same massive people that have given the state (you and I) further massive lumps of their debts!

    Friggin’ unreal!

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