Guido publishes partial list of Anglo bondholders

Wexford-based blogger Guido Fawkes – who usually focuses on the goings-on in Westminister – has published what he says is “the list of foreign Anglo-Irish bondholders as at the close of business tonight.”

That’s a pretty refined sentence. He doesn’t mention if they’re senior or sub-ordinated, though you’d guess at sub. Nor does he say if there is a corresponding list of Irish-based bondholders, though you’d presume there has to be.

Also, it’s only €4bn of €30bn and many are funds probably running accounts for clients.

Still, it seems he has figures – some damn important context – for each one published too, so if you’re interested stay tuned there.

Of course TheStory would be interested in any similar information also! Props to Guido on obtaining the list assuming it stacks up.

2 thoughts on “Guido publishes partial list of Anglo bondholders”

  1. I’ve been chasing my tail since yesterday trying to find out why none of the Irish mainstream media are covering this, particularly in light of Lenny’s statement that it wasn’t possible to identify these bondholders.
    Rang and mailed rte, newstalk, todayfm(lastword).
    Just ended up talking to drones on the phone and never recieved a reply to mails sent at 9am this morning, apart from an automated reply from RTE.

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