A city as a platform

Rachel Sterne, who had the good fortune to meet in New York last year, speaking about her new role as New York’s Chief Digital Officer. She is formerly of GroundReport and DayLife. I know there are some very good people in Dublin who want to replicate some, if not all, of this.

But how about go wild and make Ireland itself a platform?

4 thoughts on “A city as a platform”

  1. Fascinating video.

    But it could never happen here. The various Governments have been trying to curtail the FOI Act since it was enacted. Look at the amount of effort you have to put in to get data from Govt.

    I do like the ‘pothole’ and ‘restaurant’ ideas though!

  2. @Shane

    Pothole thing is already built and ready to roll out in Ireland…

  3. For the last three years we have a pothole action group here in Wicklow. We do manage get them repaired within two days after we become aware of them. We video tape them and post them on youtube so the local county council can see them and take action .This system works on pretty mush any other issue we as a community would have for example rubbish collection, of faulty street lighting and poor traffic lights sequences .No big deal really

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