Overtime pay in acute hospitals

By | 16th January 2012

Thanks to Jennifer Hough over at the Irish Examiner comes this data relating to overtime pay at the HSE. You can read her story here. She wrote:

Overtime paid to HSE registrars is still costing over €100 million a year, while 15 hospital doctors around the country earned more than €100,000 in overtime alone last year. In the years since the recession hit — from 2009 to the first half of 2011 — €276.2m has been paid to registrars in overtime.

Compared to €219m for 2008 alone, considerable savings have been achieved, but the overtime bill is still topping €100m annually.

One registrar in the west earned €135,100 in overtime last year on top of a salary of at least €70,000. Other top overtime earners in 2010 were: a registrar in HSE South who got €130,098; one in the south who got €123,199 on top of pay; and a registrar in the north-east who received €120,106 in overtime.

Here is one table of data that Jennifer refers to:

And other data with the request: