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Soros on the end of the eurozone

The Euro has really broken down. It has sprung defects, some of which could have been anticipated and some were anticipated. But some actually couldn’t. Effectively, heavily indebted countries [in Europe] have ended up in the position of a third world country that is heavily indebted in a foreign currency. And that is only one… Read More »

Denying the O'Brien/Hogan meeting

From the Department of the Environment press office on April 4 after a query relating to an alleged meeting between Denis O’Brien and Phil Hogan a couple of weeks ago and any mention of Sitserv as it relates to any future water metering contracts/tenders. The Minister had no meeting with Denis O’Brien in recent weeks… Read More »

Graph of the day

House Completions (Number) by Month in Ireland 1975 – 2011 (a) House completions data series are based on the number of new dwellings connected by ESB Networks to the electricity supply and may not accord precisely with local authority boundaries. These represent the number of homes completed and available, and do not reflect any work-in… Read More »

Misuse of drugs 2006 – 2011

Thanks to Declan Brennan for sharing the results of his request. This is a breakdown of the number of drug dealing convictions over €12,500 during the years 2006 to 2011; and the resulting sentences for each conviction.

The Beef Tribunal Report – 1994

Finally got my hands on a copy of this report, which has never appeared online. obtained, photocopied, scanned and OCRd this document at some effort. I believe this is one of the more significant reports in the history of the State. This is almost all of the report in three parts. Documents 332291 beef1… Read More »