Finlay Tribunal Report (1997)

This is the report of the Finlay Tribunal, also known as the Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry into The Blood Transfusion Service Board.(Via Lenus).

3 thoughts on “Finlay Tribunal Report (1997)”

    1. Gavin
      I note my earlier comment is awaiting moderation.
      The fact that the findings against Dr Kirrane were withdrawn may be one of the reaons that the report has been hard to find since the version you have put up on the site contains material that is officially no longer part of the report. Certainly I think there should be some health warning with it.
      I am genuinely supportive of what you do here but somebody like Dr Kirrane or his family might take exception to this material being presented without qualification. I don’t know what happened and if an official “corrected” version was ever produced.

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