The Beef Tribunal Report – 1994

Finally got my hands on a copy of this report, which has never appeared online. obtained, photocopied, scanned and OCRd this document at some effort. I believe this is one of the more significant reports in the history of the State. This is almost all of the report in three parts.

Part two to page 820:

Part three from page 839 to page 902: (I am working on getting the remaining 19 pages)

7 thoughts on “The Beef Tribunal Report – 1994”

  1. could you tell me where i can get a copy of the beef tribunal report thanks

  2. Hi Gavin,

    well done and thanks for completing what must’ve been a tiresome task. It’s amazing that this isn’t already on-line; There isn’t even a wikipedia entry on the Beef Tribunal!

    It’s not obvious how to download the docs, so if readers do want to download the document as a pdf:
    1. Click ‘View Document Full Screen’ (icon ot bottom left of embedded viewer)
    2. In the full screen view window click ‘Original Document (PDF)’ which is at the top of the right hand side screen.

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