Brian Cowen's bank guarantee calls and texts

Thanks to journalist Vinnie O’Dowd for this one. This is the mobile phone bill breakdown for Brian Cowen for the dates around the bank guarantee in September 2008. The numbers were removed by the Department of the Taoiseach. But the times and durations are interesting. Another piece in the jigsaw.

3 thoughts on “Brian Cowen's bank guarantee calls and texts”

  1. Hi Gavin, have you duplicated the pages?

    The only one that’s of interest is the phone call at 1.08am on Tues 30th which lasted for less than 2 minutes and was to a voicemail. Was this Brian accessing his own voicemail or was he leaving an angry voicemail for John Gorman whose phone battery died that night allegedly.

  2. Not seeing anything controversial here. At most Mr.Cowen’s phone was busy on the 29th for obvious reasons. Would like to see the log for the 28th. Also wondering R/A is.

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