Submission to Oireachtas Committee re FOI Amendment

Fred Logue and myself have put together a submission, sent today, to the Oireachtas Committee on Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform on behalf of (and, I believe, our readers!).

Access to information is important y’know.

One thought on “Submission to Oireachtas Committee re FOI Amendment”

  1. Thanks Gavin and I hope your submission will not fall on deaf ears.We forget at our peril the fact that Judge Hamilton indicated in his Beef Tribunal report that the Tribunal ,which cost the taxpayer umpteen million pounds, would not have been necessary if the Minister for Agriculture of the day,had properly responded to Parliamentary Questions.Parliamentary Questions have proved worse than useless in getting to the truth of issues -this defect in the democratic process can be overcome by freedom of information legislation that is open and transparent and by skillfull journalists who know what they are about.

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