McCreevy 1999 Cabinet documents

Mary Minihan in the Irish Times has recently been writing about Cabinet documents she obtained under Section 19 of the FOI Act. This little-used provision allows citizens to obtain Cabinet level documents and communications after 10 years has passed. She wrote the stories listed below and has been kind enough to share the documents involved with

McCreevy warned in 2000 of threat to economy if ‘boom is let rip’
Papers reveal political wrangling behind State’s boom-time giveaway budget
McCreevy had warned of public-private tensions

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  1. so it would appear that the civil servants in the Dept. of Finance were doing the job they are paid to do but that their advice was being repeatedly ignored by the Government of the day.I would imagine that the same advice was being tendered in subsequent years but of course .under the 10 year rule it will take us a long time to establish the truth.If current opinion polls are to be believed Fianna Fail might be back in power so the chances of ever finding out the truth would then be slim indeed.

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