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The Ansbacher Report (Full)

Previously I have published the Ansbacher Report spread over a dozen documents. With the day that’s in it here is the full near 10,000 page report as one downloadable document, which has also been OCRd. Ansfull (PDF) Ansfull (Text)

Guerin Report (OCR)

To make it easier this is an OCRd searchable version of the Guerin Report. Final Redacted Guerin Report1 (PDF) Final Redacted Guerin Report1 (Text)

Glackin (Interim) Report

Thanks to the Oireachtas library becoming available recently, we now have full digital access to the fascinating Glackin (Interim) Report. While we have previously published the final Glackin report, in some ways the interim report is more interesting. This is mainly down to the detailed appendices. The report involves such luminaries as now billionaire Dermot… Read More »

For the record…

These are the most recent annual accounts for… Friends of the Coombe Limited Friends of St Patrick’s Hospital Limited Rehab National Lottery Limited 57243454 (PDF) 57243454 (Text) 56672837 (PDF) 56672837 (Text) 57275767 (2) (PDF) 57275767 (2) (Text)

The Great Corrib Gas controversy

Also for posterity, this is a late 2005 report by the Centre for Public Inquiry and the associated report commissioned by it, written by Accufacts, about the Corrib Gas pipeline. Fiosru 2 HI RES Final (PDF) Fiosru 2 HI RES Final (Text) Accufacts Report Hi Res (PDF) Accufacts Report Hi Res (Text)

Trim Castle – A monument to bad planning?

For posterity, this is a report written by the now defunct Centre for Public Inquiry back in 2005 on the issue of planning and Trim Castle. FIOSRU 270905 Hi Res (PDF) FIOSRU 270905 Hi Res (Text)

The McCracken Tribunal report

Following on from the earlier publication of this report, we are now republishing it as a single page OCR version for easier searching and printing. Thanks again to Conor Ryan at the Irish Examiner for scanning the original. Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry Dunnes Payments (PDF) Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry Dunnes Payments… Read More »

Great Southern Railways Stocks Tribunal Report

This is the Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry into Dealings in Great Southern Railways Stocks between January 1943 and November 1943. With thanks to Conor Ryan of the Irish Examiner for scanning. Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry Into Dealings (PDF) Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry Into Dealings (Text)

That Ugandan report on misappropriation of Irish aid

This is the report of the Ugandan Auditor General into the Office of the Ugandan Prime Minister. Ireland has suspended aid to Uganda in light of the scandal around an alleged fraud, reported to involve €12 million in aid last year from four countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland. Uganda Report (PDF) Uganda Report (Text)

The Beef Tribunal report

Besides filing lots of FOI and AIE requests, is always interested in important reports. Some are harder to find than others. In the past we have published the (almost forgotten) Ansbacher Report in its entirety, the Glackin Report (final), which until it was published digitally here was only available in certain libraries. The Beef… Read More »