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Was the guarantee a panicked decision?

It has been a common narrative since 2008 that the decision to guarantee the banks was a late night decision, taken perhaps in the heat of the moment for fear of the entire banking system collapsing if we did nothing (or acted on a set of alternative proposals provided by Merrill Lynch). However in another… Read More »

The IBRC plan 2011-2020

Last year we wrote about an unredacted document we obtained that showed IBRC’s winddown plans up to 2020. Now that IBRC is in liquidation we are publishing the document in full, and much of it is still relevant in terms of the loanbook: Unredacted (1) (PDF) Unredacted (1) (Text)

Department of Taoiseach contracts in relation to EU presidency

There are the contracts awarded by the Department of the Taoiseach as a direct result of the planning and administration of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU 2013. Costs include the website, which cost €244,741.71. Thanks to Vinnie O’Dowd for obtaining the data.

NAMA enforcement properties (updated)

Below is a table of 1,497 NAMA enforcement properties as per December 11, 2012. Unfortunately NAMA don’t make this data available in open, accessible formats, so we do here instead. Thanks to David Cabo for help with the work on this. Download here

Anglo Irish/INBS restructuring plan 2011-2020 has obtained a confidential plan submitted by Anglo Irish Bank/Irish Nationwide to the European Commission, which was put together by a working group from the Department of Finance, the NTMA, the Central Bank, Anglo and INBS. The plan, dated January 31, 2011 was submitted to the European Commission for approval and was guided by… Read More »

Where does your money go?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pay taxes? Ever wonder when it disappears from your pay slip, where exactly it goes? I often do, indeed, I believe citizens have a right to see where it all goes. This handy flowchart from the Department of Finance gives us an idea of exactly what happens… Read More »

Judge Kelly on Anglo and the ODCE

I couldn’t let this pass without putting it in full here (emphasis mine): JUDGMENT of Mr. Justice Kelly delivered on the 10th day of May, 2011 Introduction The collapse of Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited (Anglo) has had profound and serious consequences for the economic wellbeing of this State and its’ citizens. It has caused… Read More »

More Anglo subsidiaries

Some have come up before, and some are new: Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited Anglo Irish Bank Limited Anglo Irish Assurance Company Limited Anglo Irish Corporate Bank Limited Anglo Irish International Finance Anglo Irish Asset Management Limited Buyway Group Limited Pagnol Limited Anglo Irish Nominees Limited Anglo Irish Bank (Nominees) Limited Geranth Limited Pegasus Nominees… Read More »