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More CAP stats

I’ve taken all 137k (€1.9bn) of CAP payments from 2009 and placed them into a pivot table. (Data thanks to Here are the stats: I’ve added in both county population counts and county size by square kilometre. Here is a graphic of county distribution: Would anyone like to run analyses of per head distribution,… Read More »

Export subsidy payments

This dataset contains €457 million of export milk subsidy payments made between January 2001 and December 2009. It was requested from the Department of Agriculture. The dataset contains the name of the country to which it was exported, the date of export, the weight and the amount claimed. I also sought the names of all… Read More »


So it emerged total that thanks to the injection of €4bn into Anglo, our actual deficit is 14.3%, the highest in Europe. I had a poke around Eurostat’s website and had a look at this document, dated March 31, 2010. These documents are I think issued every three or six months, and are based on… Read More »

Analysis and visualisation of tax default list 2009

The final quarter of the list of tax defaulters fined or penalised by Revenue during 2009 was published last week. As usual details for name, address and penalties incurred for each defaulter, along with some information on the individual’s occupation, were included. I’ve used that to extrapolate further information and form statistics which can be… Read More »