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Enterprise Ireland raw data

Further to previous posts, we are publishing further data on Enterprise Ireland grants, 2005 – 2008, inclusive. First up is all four years combined into one spreadsheet. Enterprise Ireland 2005 – 2008 This sheet still needs a bit of work though. Note some incorrect references to “Carlow Town” in Column B. I will rectify this… Read More »

Help us with The Big Dig

Update: We’ve removed date of births after a question about data protection. We don’t think we’d have a problem with it but we’re being conservtive, it’s too early to ask for readers to donate to our litigation battles! We had most of the info already and kept a copy, just removed it from the public… Read More »

Donation to TDs, 1997 – 2008

To kick this blog off, myself, Gavin and a computer assisted reporting (CAR) expert from Britain, Elena Egawhary, have been working on something rather special. We have created a spreadsheet of all declared individual donations to TDs from 1997 to 2008. The spreadsheet contains a large amount of information, easily accessible in one document. At… Read More »