Enterprise Ireland visualisations and analysis

One of our readers, Robert Fuller, took Gav’s Enterprise Ireland data and generously spent some time “cleaning” it. He sent it to us a few days ago, I’ve since used those spreadsheets to build a number visualisations. They would be a pretty heavy download for most broadband packages so I’m keeping them off the frontpage, you can view them by clicking through the ‘continued…’ link…

You’ll need a recent version of Java to load them correctly, most browsers will have these installed as standard. You can download and/or update at this link if you experience problems viewing.

Note: More information can be viewed on each chart by either clicking or hovering your mouse on a detail…

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Visualised: Liam Carroll's corporate structure

Once again, credit to Steve White, the go-to guy for building with free-to-use visualisation tools. We give him the data, he makes it digestible.

It’s still – as every business hack will tell you – “labyrinthine”, but the visualisation makes it a little easier to understand.

Note: This was built using the info put together by Gavin for this post, it’s not all Carroll’s companies, just those under the various Morston banners…

A visualisation of donations to parties by industry

One of our regular readers, Steve White, has taken the data we collated on political donations and used a visualisation tool to display it.

The box below proportions donations to political parties (not including donations directly to politicians) by donor industry. To change the way the information is shown you can move the “Description of Donor” arrow at the top back behind the “Party” arrow. Doing that will show you to which party donations from a certain sector went to… unsurprisingly Fianna Fáil make up about 90% of the Property and Construction box.

It should be noted that this was built using incomplete data. We have only accredited an industry to about 70% of donors in our political donations spreadsheets, additionally, to give a complete visualisation you would need to add in the details of donations to individual politicians. We’ll be doing this over the next few months, sit tight.

When that is done I’d guess that the percentage of donations from property and construction would be about 55% FF and 30% FG, with the other parties, bar the Greens, covering the rest. This one is skewed slightly because big developers have tended to donate directly to the party, but it is still interesting.

You can read details of all donations to political parties in our spreadsheets section.

Big credit to Steve White.