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Digest – Jan 31 2010

It is Sunday, right? – HOME The website cost €523,000 to maintain last year according to an official response given to Fine Gael senator, Paschal Donohue. An insane figure. Question: if it was Fine Gael in charge would they have just hired in cheap Russian freelancers and used the intellectual property of another organisation (then… Read More »

Clifden, planning permission and property

UPDATED TO CLARIFY AND EXPLAIN FURTHER: In September I wrote about the close relationship between councillors, bank managers and people in the property business in Clifden, and the bizarre situation that emerged from that. It followed an article in The Sunday Times and blog post, both by Mark Tighe. The basics; Declan Maher, manager of… Read More »

Irish Times editorial on political corruption

There is an editorial in today’s Irish Times headed ‘Political corruption’. It comes following the recent report from Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), a body within the Council of Europe. The report once again notes Ireland’s opaque political funding system. GRECO have been saying the same thing for nearly a decade, nothing of significance… Read More »

Two links to make you think

Myself and Gav are both up to our eyeballs at the moment. Here’s two quick items worth reading: Firstly, Mark Tighe’s post on his blog following his story in the latest edition of the Sunday Times. He writes in more detail about the problems, obfuscations and delays he has incurred in attempting to obtain information… Read More »

Digest – Jan 24 2010

It’s how it goes down every Sunday night/Monday morning. – HOME Garibaldy of the Cedar’s has an interesting post on the changes in centre-leftism. The comments are worth reading too. Also over on the CLR, WorldByStorm deconstructs John Waters’s latest musings; the financial crisis… it’s all in your head… courtesy of the journalist [claims John Waters].… Read More »

Harper's Magazine on Gitmo 'suicides'

This, while maybe not strictly within the TheStory remit, does show the value of journalism (and FOI and whistle-blowing and cross-referencing data). Harper’s Scott Horton on The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle – published online on January 18. Late on the evening of June 9 that year, three prisoners at Guantánamo… Read More »

Moriarty update

The Tribunal contacted me today to say that they had received a number of requests for transcripts over the past few days, and that they had decided to contact DCR to stop the release of a disc to me containing all transcripts of the Tribunal. They have decided that rather than sending discs out to… Read More »