Anglo leases and flights

Some time ago I received a tipoff surrounding details relating to executives at Anglo Irish Bank. I was told that the Anglo chief executive, who is Australian and whose salary is capped by Brian Lenihan at €500k, is having his house accommodation rented out for him at the taxpayers’ expense to the tune of upwards of €90k per year. Apparently this falls under re-location expenses. It was claimed on radio today that the figure is €72k.

I was also told that when the chief executive moved to Ireland, his family stayed in Australia, but that he has flown them here on numerous occasions at taxpayers’ expense, and that he and other executives (who he apparently hired from Australia) had flown there, also at taxpayers’ expense. I wonder what class they flew. However, such procedures might be considered normal in the banking industry, though not so much in the public sector. Since Anglo are not under the FOI act I have little recourse in these circumstances to seek information related to any expense claims.

However back in early February I sent a request for information concerning this to Mr Aynsley directly, by registered post. I have failed to receive a satisfactory reply, and a followup request is currently with the bank.

But at lunchtime today I heard Senator Dan Boyle speaking about the pay rises at Anglo. While he was speaking, I put the following questions to him on Twitter:

@sendboyle can you tell me how much it costs to lease any homes for Anglo executives, including the chief, over and above their salaries?

@sendboyle and can you tell me the number of flights taken by Anglo execs at taxpayer expense, and carbon footprint which resulted?

Dan Boyle replied: Will have to find that out

After lunch on Joe Duffy, a woman claiming to be the wife of an Anglo employee, put specifics on the tipoff I had received two months ago… the house is leased by the taxpayer to the tune of €6,000 a month and that the house is located in Glenageary.

There is more in this story, and I will publish the results in the coming weeks. As it stands I cannot verify the veracity if the above remarks related to properties or flights, since I have not received verification or denial. It is an expression of an opinion and speculation following similar remarks made on radio that I am asking questions as to the substance of these allegations in the public interest, both of Anglo and of a Senator.

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