Anglo shareholders December 2008

A commenter on my previous Anglo post asked a question surrounding who the shareholders in Anglo were pre nationalisation in January 2009. I have explored this issue previously, but am returning to it now to examine in more detail.

I am going to take December 2008 as the measure, since Anglo was nationalised in January 2009 (but not the entire month had passed). But I may update with January names. Here are the 41 major shareholders as at December 2008, where percentages are given they are known, where they are not simple N/A applies, since the total shareholding is not known.

Name, country of origin/base, shareholding

Janus Capital Group Inc via its funds (US) 7.47%
Invesco Limited (Ireland) 7.14%
Janus Capital Corporation (US) 7.12% direct ownership)
Invesco Perpetual (UK) 6.89% direct
Allianz SE and Dresdener Kleinwort Securities Limited 5.96% total
Invesco Ltd via its funds (Bermuda) 5.83% total
Janus Capital Management LLC (US) 5.44% direct
Lehman Brothers International Europe (UK) 4.81% total
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Limited (UK) 3.02% direct
Invesco PLC via its funds (UK) 2.22% total
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited & Credit Suisse International <3% direct ownership Dresdner Kleinwort Securities Limited (UK) <3% direct Sun Life Financial Inc via its funds (Canada) 1.59% total FMR LLC via its funds (US) 1.27% total Schroders PLC via its funds (UK) 1.21% total UMB Financial Corporation via its funds 1.16% total Carmignac Gestion via its funds (France) 1.06% total Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB via its funds (Sweden) 1.05% Government of Norway via its funds 0.92% total Alpine Woods Investments via its funds (US) 0.88% total Barclays PLC via its funds 0.88% total Nordea Bank AB (PUBL) via its funds (Sweden) 0.82% total Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company via its funds (US) 0.72% total Fitzpatrick, Sean 0.65% direct ING Groep NV via its funds (Netherlands) 0.65% total Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale via its funds (Germany) 0.64% total Allianz SE via its funds (Germany) 0.63% total Deutsche Bank AG via its funds (Germany) 0.63% total JP Morgan Chase & Co via its funds (US) 0.62% total AXA via its funds (France) 0.60% total New Star Asset Management Group plc via its funds (UK) 0.52% total Vanguard Group Inc via its funds (US) 0.52% Fortis via its funds (Belgium) 0.50% total Jupiter Investment Management Holdings Limited via its funds (UK) 0.50% total Bradshaw, Lar 0.03% direct Aurora Investment Trust PLC (UK) Drumm, David, McAteer, William Mercer, Natasha The Premier Money Market Fund (UK) Whelan, Pat

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  1. Fortis – Postbank loss of jobs
    Norway – safe investor?
    Credit suisse – untouchable unless you’re the americans.

    dear lord this list is frightening.

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