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Central Bank Commission appointees

Also worth noting was this: As provided for in legislation, the terms of office of the first appointees will vary in length in order to ensure that future vacancies on the Commission will be staggered. The appointees and their terms of office are as follows: Professor John Fitzgerald (5 years) Mr. Max Watson (5 years)… Read More »

Anglo failure would ‘bring down’ Ireland

So while I’m watching our opposition politicans debate the extension of the guarantee, news breaks on the Financial Times about information they were looking for earlier today. Deficit to reach 30%. Is that a record? Dublin will on Thursday unveil a fresh recapitalisation of Anglo Irish and seek to draw a line under its banking… Read More »

'Where we are'

The disconnect between the media and the markets in the last week or so has perturbed me. The coverage in the days following the bond auction last Tuesday gave the impression that all was well after investors ‘queued up’ to buy our bonds, as if such an event could only be positive. Some Sunday commentators… Read More »

The HSE and Ballydowd

An excellent piece from Sinead O’Shea on Al Jazeera, watch it all: For reference: We posted a searchable version of the Tracey Fay report back in March, and blogged about Ballydowd earlier this month.

Digest – Sept 28 2010

I had this scheduled to go up earlier; HOME Leo Varadkar does some data analysis on his working time. Nama bizarroworld continues to expand as Sunday Business Post reveals AIB pension fund controls Nama SPV. Cian Ginty; another hack to recognise and put the potential of EIR requests. Ken Foxe on the €21,500 hotel bill… Read More »

The NAMA saga continues

Long time readers will recall that this blog has been having something of a legal disagreement with both the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), and more recently our own Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information (OCEI). The saga has now been running for eight months, and looks set to continue for some time yet.… Read More »

Edited: Ahern didn't forgo pension?

EDIT: [As pointed out by Dave Molloy in comments. “Sorry, but, ‘payments made last year’ and “earlier this year said he would forgo his pension” (from then on, presumably) seem compatible, no?”]. I got the relevant years mixed. Post left as was to show the world my foolishness and remind me not to post in… Read More »

Taoiseach’s diary 2004

As part of an ongoing process, the appointments diary of then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern for 2004. Redactions marked ‘A’ are so because the department believes them to be “personal information” as defined in Section 28 of the FOI act. Entries marked ‘B’ relate to the Taoiseach’s private papers as a member of the Oireachtas. Regards… Read More »

When she was good she was very very good…

Stories about Ireland are leading both the and WSJ: Ireland’s deepening troubles raise doubts about the wisdom of the stringent fiscal austerity measures that the former Celtic Tiger and other European countries have put in place, which effectively hamper consumers and take cash out of the economy. At the same time, Ireland’s gloomy… Read More »