Monthly Archives: December 2010

And on we go…

Things may be a little quieter around here, as Mark goes on to bigger and better things. But I will still be plugging away – and I have some interesting stuff in the pipeline. 2011 should be fun.


I just signed a contract to work with RTE for the next number of months. For that reason I’ll be on sabbatical from this website for the next while. I have previously worked with RTÉ (I was ‘Lucy‘, for example) on a day-pay basis but this contract stipulates that I commit to providing RTÉ with… Read More »

NAMA appoints receivers

Some interesting yuletide notices from Iris Oifigiul: COMPANIES ACTS 1963-2009 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF A RECEIVER PADDY BURKE (BUILDERS) LIMITED (In Receivership) Notice is hereby given that on 21 December, 2010, the National Asset Management Agency (‘‘NAMA’’), under powers conferred upon it by the National Asset Management Agency Act 2009 (the ‘‘NAMA Act’’) and Indentures… Read More »

Anglo Irish Bank – related companies

This is a list of over 1,000 Anglo Irish Bank subsidiaries or related companies, with a path of minimum 25.01% of control – known shareholders. Most of the companies are British registered, and can be up to 9 times removed from the parent (ie – subsidiaries of subsidiaries of subsidiaries and so on). If you… Read More »

Department of Finance email volumes

Some time ago I sought information on certain emails between the Department of Finance and other organisations. The request was refused on volume grounds (I am appealing), but in the internal review the Department broke down email volumes for the period I requested, September 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009. Here is the breakdown: The… Read More »

Reply to Anglo Irish

As mentioned previously, I am arguing that Anglo Irish Bank is a public authority for the purposes of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) (SI 133/2007). Here is my reply to Anglo’s submission: 45265301-ANGLOReply (PDF) 45265301-ANGLOReply (Text)