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Taoiseach expenses, India 2006

As part of my previous FOI for the Taoiseach’s diary for 2006, I also sought a breakdown of expenses and receipts for expenses incurred by the Department of the Taoiseach as part of a trade mission to India in early 2006. I have previously sought details from Enterprise Ireland and the Department of Education for… Read More »

Database FOIs

Back in August when I got copies of Ken Foxe’s FOIs relating to John O’Donoghue one of the first things I noticed was the footers. For example, if you look at this document and look at the bottom, you will notice a web address. It’s not an internet web address per se, but it does… Read More »

Digest – Dec 27 2009

Quick snap Digest for you this week as I’m in work, did nothing over the pre-Christmas week and am just catching up on things tonight. Rob Kitchin on Ireland After NAMA writes about the latest figures from the CSO on private and public sector earnings. Slovenia still blocking Croatia from EU, The EU Observer reports.… Read More »

Morgan Kelly on how we got here

I can’t really add much to Mr Kelly’s excellent analysis. What it says to me is that the next 12 to 18 months are going to be among the most difficult, if not the most difficult, time this country has faced. I encourage everyone to read the entire document. I will emphasise his conclusion: Despite… Read More »

Michael Fingleton, INBS and Mespil

Prime Time Investigates did a special into the banking and lending industry in Ireland the other night, and highlighted previously undisclosed 100% fast track loans given to politicians, including former Finance Minister Charle McCreevy. Nothing of the programme was really surprising, but it did add extra details to the dealings of Michael Fingleton, a man… Read More »

Today, Dec 22; over the last ten years

My little way to mark the end of the first decade of the millennium, through an Irish prism; selected news stories from the December 22nds of the last ten years. All from the Irish Times archives. 1999 McCreevy plans action on PAC report into DIRT 2000 Court fixes Lawlor case for this month 2001 Minister… Read More »

Taoiseach’s diary: 2006

As part of an ongoing process we have FoId the appointments diary of the Taoiseach, from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. The Department of the Taoiseach has redacted certain information from the diaries: Redactions marked A are Section 28 Personal Information Redactions marked B are Section 2 Functions of Taoiseach as member of… Read More »

The Financial Regulator

I don’t want this post to seem like an “I told you so” post. But it might appear that way. I started back in 2005. One of the biggest issues myself and my uncle Anthony covered, and still cover on that blog, is the lack of regulation of the banks. And when the country… Read More »

The Digest – Dec 20 2009

Your Sunday supplement – some stuff I find interesting, you may too. The rest of them here. – Home This article from the Wicklow People about certain officials’ activities in relation to the granting of a waste permit, a deal worth almost €400,000 to local landowners, raised my eyebrows. A FORMER director of Environmental Services… Read More »


I was looking through the RTÉ online archives the other day and found the clip below from May 2006. I thought it may interest some of our readers, given that we’re nearing the end of 2009. Decentralisation, another light-bulb political idea that has cost the exchequer dearly. When big decisions are being made for political… Read More »