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The Kenny Report

Irish Labour have a scanned version of the Kenny Report online, but in a somewhat difficult to read format. I downloaded their version and subjected it to some OCR processes in Abbyy Reader. The document is not 100% OCRd, but is now largely so (I have not spell checked every word or checked for other… Read More »

The Digest – Dec 13 2009

The weekly round-up. Last week’s here. – HOME How I missed this one last week, I don’t know; Fergal’s excellent piece on the social dynamics, misconceptions and misinterpretations of fascism, and around the word ‘fascist’. Watch out, The Guardian; Elaine Byrne is looking for help investigating the accounts of a 1940s Irish politician. Nyder O’Leary… Read More »

"Same people… influencers, same holders of power"

I was on Adrian Weckler’s blog earlier watching recommended clips on Youtube when I happened upon the one below via the ‘related videos’ function. It’s Matt Cooper talking at the Irish Institute of European Affairs Young Professionals Network. Now, ignore the fact it was a “Young Professionals” event – seeing as he speaks about elitism,… Read More »

A Smart Budget for a Smart Economy?

[Cross-posted on – please appreciate I wrote this at 1.30am after a day spent reading official documents. Mistakes are a possibility, I’m open to discussion in comments section] It’s about a year since An Taoiseach announced plans to develop ‘The Smart Economy’ (the successor to ‘The Knowledge Economy’, remember that?). In those twelve months… Read More »

FOI and the Gardai

Thanks to access-info for this one: All that is needed for An Garda Síochána to come under FOI is the signature of Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, and some regulations to be implemented. Then we can take our place among such nations as Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan as a country that allows citizens to request information… Read More »

NAMA and risk reports

I will post the document first and tell the story below, it’s worth a look. The information contained in this FOI, is I believe, valuable. Cost-benefit analyses, impact reports or preparatory reports for NAMA Why is this information valuable? It contains a timeline of what companies were involved in consulting the Government on the formation… Read More »

The Digest – Dec 6 2009

Starting now, a Sunday night weekly round-up type thing. The Digest will contain links to sources and stories worth reading – usually on topics kinda relevant to our terms of reference – from the week that was… There’ll be about five links under each of three headings, Home, World and Other. – HOME Keiran Walsh,… Read More »