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Dermot Desmond's letter to Gavin O'Reilly

Back on March 8 journalist Chris Lowry wrote an article for the Irish Independent about Celtic Football Club. The article was an opinion piece about Rangers and Celtic, and how both need each other to survive. He concluded: But actually, without Rangers, the whole house of cards could collapse. Celtic would be the hardest hit.… Read More »

Minister for Transport diary 2011

Part of an ongoing process and via another person’s FOI request. The appointments diary of Transport Minister Leo Varadkar from March 2011 to February 2012: Transport Diary April 2011 to Feb 2012 (PDF) Transport Diary April 2011 to Feb 2012 (Text)

Brian Cowen's bank guarantee calls and texts

Thanks to journalist Vinnie O’Dowd for this one. This is the mobile phone bill breakdown for Brian Cowen for the dates around the bank guarantee in September 2008. The numbers were removed by the Department of the Taoiseach. But the times and durations are interesting. Another piece in the jigsaw. Cowen’s Phone Call List Guarantee… Read More »

NAMA vs OCEI (update)

Well after much sitting around and waiting the case did not proceed today. Another attempt will be made at Court 4 at 10.45am on May 18. Paul Sreenan SC and Ciaran Lewis (Junior Counsel) are representing NAMA, while Niamh Hyland is representing the Commissioner.

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It’s not clear whether it will be for mention or hearing (I’m hoping the latter) but tomorrow sees another step in the long process of trying to find out if the National Asset Management Agency is a public authority for the purposes of the Access to Information on the Environment Regulations 2007/2011. (This is not… Read More »

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James Morrissey letter to IN&M

Following on from yesterday’s look at the life and times of Denis O’Brien’s spokesman, James Morrissey, comes this April 2012 letter sent to by a reader. It is a letter dated April 2, 2012, addressed to IN&M Managing Editor Michael Denieffe and CCd to IN&M Chairman James Osborne and Independent Newspapers chief executive Joe… Read More »